After nearly 13 years providing full-service marketing to businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations, we would like to think our community already knows what we have to offer. But more times than not, we find potential clients … or even current clients … who are surprised by the scope of our capabilities and capacity. As a full-service marketing firm, we want to make sure you understand just what we are bringing to the table when we sit down with you to talk business. And it isn’t just a bunch of “spin.”

Full-service marketing meets outside-of-the-box creativity

We know business can be tricky (because we’ve been doing it for 13 years … we get it!). If you’re not navigating some change in the Google algorithm, you’re trying to figure out how to manage the short-video space of TikTok or YouTube Shorts. Small businesses face an uphill battle, especially in the digital space, to “be heard” above the noise of large-budget corporate marketing. It is a constant puzzle in which you need to find all the missing pieces. As a full-service marketing firm, it is our job to help you find those pieces and to make it easier to see which ones might be missing.

Marketing services provided by Pickett & Associates

Our marketing services include our five “pillars” of service: Branding, content, digital marketing, creative, and public relations. Each is its own unique niche; together they work together for a holistic and proactive approach to marketing.


Many clients come to us needing branding, or what they think is a new logo and some fresh new colors. More likely than not, however, branding needs to start first with a whole bunch of research that develops a brand message and a hierarchy of your pillars and priorities … and THEN the logo. The goal is making your brand feel like a solid story instead of a flimsy novel. At P&A, we have the skills and know how to dive deep into research (and even focus groups!) with you to help your brand’s story shine through. And yes. We design logos. And they are fabulous.


We help our clients get their message out, but it is about more than just writing something catchy. We put research (again that word!) into our content to create something meaningful to your brand’s message and goals. Businesses should be consistently writing new content so, if that feels overwhelming to you, just remember that we are here to help!

Digital Marketing

Have you made your brand’s foray into the world of digital marketing yet? If not, you may be far behind your closest competitor. Websites, social media and more, digital marketing is the best way to reach your target customer regardless of their demographic. The landscape of marketing on the web, though, can be tricky to master, so having the folks at P&A by your side is a sure way to find success.


We mentioned before our outside-of-the-box creativity, which comes in handy for all manner of PR and marketing tasks. In a world where things can get saturated, being creative is a great way for you to stand out from the rest. Custom graphics, amazing photography, videography, whiteboard videos, custom illustration define the path for your brand to secure its spot as a leader in your community.

Public Relations

You knew we would end up here eventually. Yes, we are a full-service marketing firm that includes public relations in the mix … and we do some amazing PR for our clients. It’s the space in which our Prez, Pat Pickett, began her journey as a former journalist. In 2010, she earned her accreditation from the Public Relations Society of American and proudly puts APR behind her name – proud because it sets her apart among the top 18 percent of ALL public relations professionals in the country to attain that status. Our strategic plans include “Research – Planning – Implementation – Evaluation” (Pat likes to refer to “R-Pie” … for a hot minute we were excited about a rhubarb or raspberry pie …); we are committed to helping our clients to communicate 1) TRUTHFULLY and 2) clearly.

Where to begin with your marketing?

Sometimes, it feels overwhelming to be a business owner and realize just how much help you may need to get things on track. Whether you are launching a business and need a brand strategy and yes, the visual elements like logo and fonts … , or more content or a 12-month marketing/communication strategy, we are the associates who will help you get there. Contact us to learn more!




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